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Restore your light

Every new year, after the Christmas Holiday feasting people feel the need to make New Years Eve resolutions regarding their  diet, health or body weight. To a lot people, The New Year means new opportunities, a fresh start. I think on every resolution list there is 1 resolution regarding diet, health or body weight. The idea of having a healthier, happier body and soul attract a lot of people and the start of a new year can give motivation to people to change.

Fasting is a traditional, old fashioned way of clearing your body and mind and to restore your light. It is a popular method in many different religions including Christians and Muslims. Fasting means the exclusion of foods and drinks for a certain amount of time. People can do a full fast or partial past. Full fast includes restraining from all foods and only consuming water, whereas partial fast can mean restraining from foods for only a part of the day or only restraining from a few foods and drinks.

Last year, in January I have done a partial fast restraining from meat, junk food and alcohol. I still ate fish. I also had partial fast few times a week when I didn’t eat until 2-3 pm. For me, it has resulted in weight loss, the clearance of my skin and my hair got shinier and healthier.  I also felt much more energetic and balanced.

Studies support beneficial effects of fasting, including improvements in blood pressure, insulin resistance, lowered cholesterol, weight loss. It also reduces the risk of diabetes and “reboots” the immune system, clearing out old immune cells and regenerating new ones. It also has a “detox” effects as by using up our fat stores in the body, we also get rid of toxins stored in our adipose tissue. Fasting also positively impacts mood and mental health by increasing endorphin (happiness hormone) levels in the blood.

Restraining from meat also has beneficial effects on the environment, including reducing the rate of deforestation, air pollution, sparing essential reserves such as water and sparing the life of animals.

On the other hand, fasting also has risk, so I would suggest doing a full fast before consulting with your doctor. I am doing a partial fast this year, taking my dietary needs into consideration and making sure I supply my body with all the essential macro- and micronutrients. I am going to restrain from meat, junk food and alcohol. To see my experiences of fasting, get an insight to my meal plans, recipes and workout regimen, join me during January.

In my next post I’ll bring my meal plan and a few recipes.


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